10.5" length 8" width 3" depth

Sometimes the steps are clear, well defined, spaced evenly with a certain flow and traveling in one direction (or so it seems).  They change most times in their patterns, in their directions.  Traveling on them you may often feel sideways or opposite down;  as if you are part of an M.C Escher drawing.  Sometimes there is apparently nothing going on beside you and other times it is riddled with colors and material (experiences) that are different and foreign.  From an eagle's view  can be seen how they combine for cohesive wholeness; when you are in it you can be unaware of the beauty unfolding out and around you and finding its way to ripple beyond you.  What is of value and is of beauty to us is an individual choice.

Pay attention to the details along the way.  They require attention and action and movement.

Sometimes the steps seem really challenging - back and forth - over and over - retracing - re-doing and the voice is quiet on the inside.  Doubts, frustration, insecurities creep forth - ARRRRGGGGG!!  This too is our human path.  Just try.  Align inside dreams and thoughts with outside action.  Just do.

We can make our lives as complicated or as simple as we want..... or can we?  Is the divine plan already there?  Do we truly just follow the pattern of the steps along the way?

Lavender Turtle back Mountain Crystal (David's gift)
Many chambered nautilus fossil (Mark's gift)
Brachipod fossil (Anne's gift)
Dentalium fossils
Pacific ocean scallop shells
Brown, yellow, rose and bruneau jasper
Variegated peach, gray and white moonstone
Variegated agates (Jim's gift)
Lavender quartz
Pink tourmaline
Raspberry quartz
Purple sage quartz