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“We have worked with Reum Computing for several years including several revisions of our company website. Pete Reum has a unique understanding of balancing cost and design. With the help of Reum Computing, we have been able to design a highly effective website and we know that we have the necessary support that we need going forward.”
~ Bryan - Denver, CO          visit the site
“Reum offers all the most sophisticated web design bells and whistles, including interactive elements and web databases, but they’re equally adept at creating simple, basic web sites.  No matter which the client chooses, Reum gets the web site visible in the search engines more quickly and more successfully than any web design company I’ve ever seen.  Their SEO service borders on miraculous!” 
~M. Cohen - Denver, CO          visit her site
“Pete Reum is totally accommodating to his clients; he takes his client's needs into consideration and works hard to fulfill those needs. He is creative and informative; he takes the time to tell you what he's doing with your web site and why. Most important, he does a fabulous job. People are now finding me on Google and I'm getting a lot more hits. I always ask "How did you find us?" and that's how I know it's working. In fact, just this morning I got a call from someone in New York who found me on Google. The bottom line for me is that Reum Computing helped me grown my business through the Internet!”
~ Yvonne Costin (Grandma) Grandma's Handyman Service - Aurora, CO          visit the site
“ Dear Mr. Wizard,
I recognize your efforts daily and admire your ability to turn my ideas into actually functioning systems on the eBS web site, which has become the heart of our company. Now that it is fully operational, I practically have a part time job! (Okay, not really, but it has made a HUGE difference.) The new stuff you added, changed, fixed and tweaked is all great. That’s why I call you Mr. Wizard! Our relationship is not really a customer/client relationship. You know more about eBS than anyone on my staff! You are part of eBS, and for that I am thankful and grateful.” ~ Kirk Beck – eBuilding Service - Denver, CO          visit the site
“Reum Computing has built and helps us maintain our website. The service and support for the site has been exemplary and very timely, and the design has met our objectives of being extremely flexible, providing us with simple administrative interfaces to keep our content fresh on our own, without needing constant attention from Reum Computing personnel. We are able to send bulk marketing emails on our products, update links and documentation, and implement downloads, all from our administrative interface. The design is extremely creative, along with being very flexible”
~ Terry - Aurora, CO          visit the site
“Reum Computing designed the web site. Then they programmed the site so that we can easily update it every time we do a new project. We can upload photographs, project data, and anything else we want to without having to go through Reum Computing. Pete made it simple and easy for us to manage our own site, which was very important to us, and he made sure the interface was very user friendly. Although we can do most stuff on our own now, if there’s ever anything major that we need Pete's help with, he is Johnny-on-the-spot and takes care of it immediately. Pete is also very personable and I really enjoy our interactions.”
~ Sheri B - SB Service - Aurora, CO          visit the site
“I just got done checking out the web site and it looks amazing. Thanks for this experience working with you, I'm not sure exactly why but it seems like my business has turned a major corner and we are getting busy and it's not because we are suppose to at this time a year. Let's just put it this way 4 facebook likes in one day. Never heard of before today, lucky if we get 4 in a week. I know between you and Maury I have the two best people in the industry working for me and I feel very fortunate for that.”
~Jeff - The Dog House Rules - Englewood, CO           visit the site

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