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search engine optimization (seo)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization, called SEO, is a critical component of any successful web site.  What good does it do to have a great site if no one can find it when searching for your product or service?

SEO Myths

While it’s true that the algorithms used by the search engines to rank web sites are closely-held secret formulas that frequently change, here’s what is not true about SEO:

“Pete's insight about the importance of getting our message on YouTube landed us a very large project within a couple of months of his help. Thank you Pete!”
~Gerry Schmidt, PhD - Principal, Jackson & Schmidt - Littleton, CO

Here’s what is true about SEO:

SEO Services – Getting Top Rankings in Search Engines

Reum Computing offers SEO as part of its web design services, or can offer SEO services for a web site you already have.  Neither requires you to spend huge amounts of money hiring so-called SEO experts.

“I just got done checking out the web site and it looks amazing. Thanks for this experience working with you, I'm not sure exactly why but it seems like my business has turned a major corner and we are getting busy and it's not because we are suppose to at this time a year. Let's just put it this way 4 facebook likes in one day. Never heard of before today, lucky if we get 4 in a week. I know between you and Maury I have the two best people in the industry working for me and I feel very fortunate for that.”
~Jeff - The Dog House Rules - Englewood, CO           visit the site

Knowledge Not Magic

Although clients have accused the Reum team of using voodoo or black magic to get the SEO results we do, the truth is that there is a science to search engine placement and SEO. We don’t want to give away trade secrets here, but the elements include keyword selection, skillful page coding, and choosing very focused search criteria rather than a broad shotgun approach, including dialing efforts down to details as specific as timing visibility rotations.  These are the things you learn from years of experience, SEO trial and error and ultimately finding SEO success.


Keywords Search

One of the important keys to successful search engine optimization is in choosing the right keywords.   We encourage our clients to undertake a fair amount of keyword research on their own, starting with typing in the keywords you think people use to find you, and see who shows up.  Are your competitors on those pages?  If not, what terms are they showing up under? Find your competition in the search engines and you’ll learn a lot.  Ask your friends, your mother, your customers what terms they would use to search for your product or service.  You might be surprised.  There are also some great keyword tools to use, such as Google AdWords.

Proof is in the Pudding

The bottom line with any SEO effort is: Are you getting Page One visibility in the search engines and how quickly can you get your website there and keep it there?  Lots of SEO companies talk a good game, but when you ask them to point to their placements, there’s a bit of backpedaling.  On the other hand, we invite you to inquire as to our track record of SEO success and invite you to read the testimonials from our satisfied clients. For more information about our SEO Services, or for a free SEO estimate, simply call or e-mail us today.

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