Energy Grids

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All Life is Energy.

Our earth has structured the passage of time with certain characteristics and fixed patterns (seasons).  These patterns have a rhythm and speed to them.  Creating in-coming and out-going energy.  The ebb and flow makes currents of energy we can ride.  As we align our personal energies to this current, our momentum of movement is magnified.

In these grids I combine pieces of nature, gemstones, crystals and the wisdom of color therapy and numerology together to form specific energy signatures.  THese energy grids express the patterns found in nature.  THey speak to your body on deep levels.  THey teach your body to change, to go with the flow and to be with the energies.

THe quartz crystal centers have been harvested from the back of Turtle Mountain found in the southwest area of New Mexico, USA.  Turtle is the oldest symbol for planet earth.  It is the personification of Goddess Energy and the External Mother.  The crystals on the mountain seemed to have a natural shielding on them.  As you open to them, and they to you, their exquisite vibration can be felt | seen | experienced.

Quartz is the most common mineral in the earth's crust.  It usually is formed in the cooler temperature and pressure range as an igneous mass cools.  Quartz touches us in its many forms every day.  OUr bodies understand and respond well to this energy.  These minerals know well:   How to be connected to this, our earth and have learned how to transfer this knowingness to us.  Quartz in crystal form, once uncovered and cleaned creates resonance with us.  We respond to their beauty, clarity and radiance.   We open and become aligned with our self, our time, our season, our world.  We start to radiate outwards to our universe and beyond.  This connection pulses both ways.  THat is how we receive our knowingness.



Application of Energy Grids

DelphineumTurtle Five-Eleven's

These pieces of nature are combined with the wisdom of color therapy and numerology to express patterns of growth and change.  They create a vibration that:

pulls - circulates - redistributes - harmonizes

For Body Learnings: Connect, Feel and Listen

  • Between hands above and below (mind, body, soul connection)
  • On or near body parts (emotional storage access)
  • Under pillow or near sleeping area (dream state)
  • Under massage table aligned with heart (charka tunings)

For focusing, Correcting or enhancing environment:

  • Place on altar or area of prominence (pulses)
  • In room of meditation (intense focus)
  • In center for group gatherings (ripple and wave effect)

For Sharing Learnings (place on top or under grid):

  • Write words of affirmative action and beauty
  • Place pictures of people | animal companions | places
  • Talk and listen to the wisdom in the grids
  • Do research on the component parts for additional personalized enlightenments.

Ask for Insight. Be aware.