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Your web design should probably not be entrusted to your neighbor’s son, your brother-in-law’s best friend, the college student who put up a flyer on the grocery store bulletin board, or the hundreds of software developers suddenly out of work. And if you hear the words, “How hard can it be to design a web site?” run the other way!

Good web site design is an art that combines visual aesthetics, user-friendly web site navigation, well-written and search-friendly SEO web content, and a look and feel that appropriately communicates the message and values of the business it is helping to market.

Behind The Scenes Complexity a/k/a “The Back End”

There’s quite a bit more to effective website design than first meets the eye.  The optimal functioning of a web site relies on many subtleties that are often invisible, yet matter significantly. Footers; copyright protection; Javascript, HTML, and other programming languages; proper use of icons and alt tags; cross-browser effectiveness; keywords; title tags and meta tags; attracting local versus national audiences; seamless e-mail interface; bandwidth; storage; database-driven web sites; visibility timing; SEO - all these things require more than just an eye for design.  They require exceptional programming skills, real-world business acumen and years of web design experience to really understand what works and what doesn’t - and why.

Purpose of Web Design

Good web design also requires the ability to focus on, and design specifically for, the desired outcome of a site for each individual business.  Is the site primarily an online brochure, an advertising tool, intended for e-commerce, to serve interactive functionality for clients, etc.? In addition to the programming skills that Reum Computing brings to the table, the web design company also brings years of business skills and experience.  That mix can leverage your site to provide both form and function that other companies, that focus on form over function -or- function over form, may not have.  

“Pete Reum went above and beyond what is expected in getting my non-functioning web site up and running. He took it from the initial web developer (a failed web designer) and did all the technical stuff necessary to get the site to actually work. He took the site from being a total shambles to getting it functioning, and now it works great. What really impressed me was that he understood that I needed to get the site up and running for a product launch, so he took on this project on while he was on vacation -- in Europe on a hiking trip! That was way above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciated it very much. Our next phase with RCI is to undertake PPC and SEO campaigns, but Ill never forget what he did for me last summer!”
~ Dan Walter passIT Lender Portfolio Software Centennial, CO 

Web Site Usefulness

One of the important business questions we ask is: How can the site best be used to generate revenue, reduce costs and increase efficiency? Here are some examples of web site usefulness above and beyond its prime purpose as a marketing tool:


In this day and age, companies depend on web sites as a primary marketing tool, to generate revenue, to communicate with customers and to provide a 24/7 presence and accessibility on the Internet.  We understand this, so we provide exceptional support and outstanding responsiveness to our clients.

We also offer a full range search engine optimization services SEO to help clients get top rankings in search engines.  We cannot guarantee placement but use "white hat" methods for best effect.

Website Design Summary

Reum Computing is a small enough company to provide personal attention, and excellent and immediate customer service to every client, but large enough and sophisticated enough to provide any web capabilities needed or desired. For a portfolio of our  website designs, please click here.  To read what our clients have to say about our website design services and customer service, click here.  Or simply call or e-mail us today for an estimate.

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Reum Computing a Denver Metro based web site design company.


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