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Company founder Pete Reum has been working with computers all his life.  His father was a systems analyst and programmer and the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Pete's educational background includes a degree in applied mathematics with a minor in physics and electronic engineer technology (EET).

After a stint in the Navy as an electronics technician, Pete jumped on the just-emerging TeleComm bandwagon.  At his first job in that field, he designed a computer to decode and translate telephone tones for transmission equipment.  Pete currently holds multiple patents for his designs, creations, and inventions.

Moving over to EchoStar, Pete switched his focus from hardware to software, and for the next few years, worked in pretty much every aspect of the computer world and began delving into the mysteries of the Internet. 

At the turn of the new millennium, web sites were still pretty much text-based, but having learned HTML and other programming skills, Pete was perfectly positioned for the switch to interactive web sites and data-base driven sites. 

In 2001 Pete decided to start Reum Computing to use his computer knowledge, programming skills and business experience to begin to design and program web sites that would actually work for small businesses.  His clients loved his willingness to show them how to use a website to serve the business in as many ways as possible.  They also appreciated his focus on ROI, and his willingness to each them how to keep their sites updated themselves . . .  if they wanted to.

Pete’s next challenge was to unlock the mysteries of search engine visibility (SEO) and how to get his clients’ websites ranked in the major search engines.  He began to use his prodigious brain power (remember he’s an applied mathematics and physics major!) to decode some of the secrets of the Internet and how search engines, keywords and search marketing really worked.  And he was able to successfully crack the code!

Now his customers are even happier because Pete can not only design websites, and also program them, code them, and add any data base-driven features or bells and whistles they want, but now he can get their sites to show up in the search engines, too! No wonder clients say such nice things about Reum Computing!

Clients also appreciate that Pete will take the time to explain to them – in plain English – the elements of the website he’s designing for them how the programming and data base elements work, and what his SEO strategy is for each site.  Women particularly seem to appreciate Pete’s ability to translate “geek speak” into English and his willingness to educate them enough so that they understand what’s going and can make informed decisions.  Pete likes to say he de-mystifies and de-techifies web sites and Internet marketing for former technophobe clients.  (Pete also likes to make up words - known as "Pete Speak"!)

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners for Reum Computing

In addition to in-house web design, web database and SEO expertise, Reum Computing works with a number of strategic partners for adjunct services, including:


Often web developers/companies want to host your site, host your e-mail and control your domain.  If you decide you want to go to someone else, you have a battle on your hands regarding who owns the content, the site, the domain.  Sometimes the developer won’t give a third party access to the files if they’re hosting the site on their own server.  That’s not how Reum Computing works.  Company owner Pete Reum says, “Tying up people is just not my style.  If clients aren’t happy with us, I want them to be able to move on easily and comfortably.  I want to make it as easy as possible for them to get what they want and need, if not from us, then from whatever source they choose.

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